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A Romantic Chiller that Will Keep Readers Warm for Winter

Robert Ian Heslop’s ‘Annie’s Guest’ is an unparalleled love story of mystery, longing, and the secrets that live deep in the hearts of women

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Author Robert Ian Heslop gives readers an appreciation story for the ages in Annie’s Guest: A Romance in Five Days. Romantic, mysterious, and sure to stir longings in readers, this story of passion, trust, and where one's heart truly lies is perfect for curling up with in the upcoming winter time.

Annie, a married woman with two grown children, remains alone on Black Mountain, Vermont, while her husband attends a conference in New york. Recovering from the recent hysterectomy, Annie is exhausted; not merely from the operation, but also from trying to reconcile her husband’s inattentiveness it comes with she's now struggling to work as a schoolteacher for kids of all ages - work that she dearly loves.

Relieved and worried when her husband sets off for first time York, Annie falls asleep for almost an entire day. When she wakes, she is disturbed by a quiet voice from her garage, with help. Investigating, she finds a man named Will who is struggling with the results of 1 of the worst winters in history. Annie’s loneliness vanishes as she and can - who is merely eighteen - commence to spend their days together. Will, sensing that something isn't quite directly in Annie’s marriage, encourages Annie to get to know him better.

Not wanting to betray her husband, but struggling to deny her growing attraction to Will, Annie finds herself increasingly more considering the clever and mild son. Determined to maintain him at a distance as his or her week together draws to some close, Annie finds herself increasingly puzzled by Will: despite his insistence which they spend as much time together as you possibly can, he also asserts that he must leave at a certain time at the end of the week.

With vivid, powerful prose along with a protagonist which is as relatable as she is real, Annie’s Guest can keep readers furiously turning pages until they get to the shocking twist ending which will leave them wanting to see the book repeatedly.

Robert Ian Heslop

Romance novels for kindle

Robert Ian Heslop, called Ian by his relatives and buddies, is a retired teacher of high school English, Drama, and Special Needs classes. A father and grandfather, Ian lives together with his wife of nearly Half a century, Sylvia. His other works include GLOBE, The Seven Runes (both collaborations along with his friend James Dearden) and a book of Petrarchan love sonnets due out in November, titled Sylvia’s Sonnets.

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